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The Steps of Self Publishing Podcast

In this podcast, Alex speaks with Tamara Protassow as part of Tamara’s Book Write Now author coaching course. As well as being a writing mentor in her own right, Tamara has been a valued member of the Author Support Services team for many years as a structural editor and book coach.

Here, Alex and Tamara chat about all things self publishing and how achievable it is for all authors to see their very own book professionally edited, printed and available for sale on the bookstore shelf.

Topics covered include:

  • The difference between self publishing and traditional publishing. Learn how self publishing allows you to have full control over the content of your book. 
  • Why more and more people are choosing self publishing. Enjoy the freedom of being able to decide how to share your book with family, friends and your business network.
  • The steps of self publishing. Alex and Tamara cover all the steps from editing your words to designing your book internals and cover, to distributing your book to all the major book retailers both in-store and online.
  • Which parts you can do yourself. Understand how expert book editors and designers can assist you to produce a professional book, how to source an ISBN for your book, and how the print and distribution process works for a self publishing author.

Join Alex and Tamara as they demystify what is actually involved in self publishing your very own book!

Alex Fullerton is an author’s consultant and self-publishing specialist at Author Support Services, based on a pineapple farm in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Australia. She has spent the last sixteen years working with business people to create concise, compelling, and comprehensive books that complement their businesses and increase their professional standing. Alex is supported by a dedicated team who provide a full self-publishing service, from planning to printing and promotion.

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