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The Tall Poppy Project

Stand Tall + Stake a Claim on your Delicious Life

Discover the 7 Tall Poppy Principles to unlock your inner wisdom + uncover the path to your delicious life.

On the path to self-destruction triggered by the loss of a dear family member, Kylie Patchett was on the road to rock bottom. This led her on a soul-searching journey to discover the simple principles she needed to propel herself into a life of radical self-respect.

She called these The Tall Poppy Principles.

Colloquially, a Tall Poppy sticks its head above the rest only to get cut down. But what if being a Tall Poppy could mean standing tall and proud in your own unique gifts + delivering those gifts to the world?

The Tall Poppy Project: Stand Tall + Stake a Claim on your Delicious Life shows you exactly that. Sharing from her own journey from self-destruct to self-respect, and years in conventional and alternative medicine, holistic health coach Kylie reveals how to plant the seeds of change, love and fertilise that all-knowing inner wisdom, and bloom into living your delicious life.

This book is not just another one-size-fits-all health prescription. It’s the proven way to go from overwhelmed + unfulfilled to a life filled with glow + spark. It’s permission to stand tall + shine. It’s your chance to live your own Delicious Life, by Design.

Kylie Patchett

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