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Why Book Coaching?

Sitting here with a fresh coffee and a hot croissant, I remember how blessed I am. I’m not in a fancy café in the sunshine, I’m sitting at my desk, working on the weekend. Not everyone’s cup of tea (or coffee), but it’s my choice. It’s all my choice; I’m doing what I love, helping people bring their book ideas to life. I’m in my own home, eating a decadent breakfast and getting crumbs in my keyboard while my teenagers lie sprawled across their beds, the washing machine whirls and my darling sits on his tractor shouting at the crows that are pecking his pineapples. What a life!

I’ve decided to work for the past couple of weekends because March and April are jam packed. I’ll be spreading the word about ‘writing books as a business strategy’ at a series of free workshops, and following this up with a full day event on self publishing. I’ve got a full dance card with a number of clients deep in writing mode, so yes, I’m a glutton for punishment as well as crumbly croissants.

I didn’t mean to become a book coach. Seven years ago it started out as non-fiction editing, something I could do at home around my kids, but it very quickly morphed into something bigger, brighter and way more fun! I found that people would come to me with their manuscripts and be so disappointed when they found out how much work it would take to mould it into the book they had dreamed of, the book that would boost their business as well as help their clients learn something powerful. I knew that if I could get involved earlier, helping them create a great book the first time round, it would save them a lot of time and stress.

So now I work with business people to create a complete plan around their book, starting with working out exactly what they want to say, who to and for what purpose. From there, we plan out what content will go where in this book, then the author can get down to the fun part – fitting writing in around their businesses, children, homes and lives. This is the real world; my clients aren’t sitting in Tuscan villas writing all day while a maid keeps the coffee coming. They are multitasking business people with hectic schedules. Having someone keeping them accountable, and helping them craft their book in a manageable way, is good business practice.

Of course, once it’s done we can get on to the publishing process, but that’s a story for another day…

Alex Fullerton is an author’s consultant and self-publishing specialist at Author Support Services, based on a pineapple farm in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Australia. She has spent the last sixteen years working with business people to create concise, compelling, and comprehensive books that complement their businesses and increase their professional standing. Alex is supported by a dedicated team who provide a full self-publishing service, from planning to printing and promotion.

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