Sunshine Coast Women Entrepreneurs Network

Not for profit networking, business workshops and support.

The Sunshine Coast Women Entrepreneurs was a not for profit group founded by Alex Fullerton in 2006 to support women in business.  It closed at the end of 2018 so Alex could focus on her health.

Over 13 years, membership swelled to over 2000 highly motivated and focused women entrepreneurs who connected regularly to share experiences, inspire and support each other. Alex arranged trainers on a variety of business skills who presented workshops at each meeting, so every member walked away with tangible skills that could be implemented in their business after each session.

As a not for profit group, Alex’s facilitation of the group, as well as the speakers' time, was donated in the spirit of sharing. The sharing of wisdom and the support of other women entrepreneurs cannot be bought or sold; it is something we gift because we care. We are all in business together in this beautiful corner of the world, helping each other to reach our potential and share our unique messages.


Speaker Samantha Lyttle says “What a powerful group of fierce women leaders! Alex you run this group with such integrity and high standards and you’ve attracted a beautiful group of women with the same values. Congratulations, it was such a joy to be invited to speak on the ‘Power Of Positioning Yourself For Six Figure Success’. For those of you who haven’t attended the group yet, I highly recommend it. Surrounding yourself with other women leaders is essential to succeed in business!”

Samantha Lyttle,

Thank you for another amazing event. I love the energy of the Sunshine Coast Women Entrepreneurs group. When I reflect on all the amazing connections and personal as well as professional growth I’ve achieved just by being in the energy of these wonderful women over the years, it makes me smile BIG with gratitude! – Nicole Taryn

Helping women entrepreneurs reach their potential

by learning, laughing and sharing together

When I was starting out in business I was humbled by the time people took to reach out, share their wisdom and steer me in the right direction. I was given tips and strategies and introduced to people who could help me. True learning came about not by being handed the answers, but by having my eyes opened to the opportunities around me.

The Sunshine Coast Women Entrepreneurs is my way of giving back, by creating a space where people can share and connect authentically, learn and grow together.

The group is not-for-profit. My facilitation of the group, as well as the speakers’ time, is donated in the spirit of sharing. I believe the sharing of wisdom and the support of other women entrepreneurs cannot be bought or sold, it is something we gift each other because we care. We are all in business together in this beautiful corner of the world, helping each other to reach our potential and share our unique messages.


Simone Ryan from Moneybags shares about Sunshine Coast Women Entrepreneurs


Details on networking meetings:


No Meetings Are Currently Scheduled

Who are the speakers?

Speakers are chosen by the educational value they can provide to the group – women come along expecting to learn something practical and meaningful to help take their business to the next level. We love to get involved with short exercises or workshops. The time allocated for the speaker is 1.5 hours.

Would you like to be one of our speakers?

If you are a professional speaker who would like to educate women in this environment, we’d love to hear from you!


Speaker Amanda Hoffman shares, “Alex Mitchell is a gracious, genuine and diligent facilitator of the Sunshine Coast Women Entrepreneur group. Alex approached me to conduct a LinkedIn workshop after Krishna Everson recommended me for the topic.

I was impressed by Alex’s warmth and genuine desire to share valuable information with her group of entrepreneurs. She kept me well informed and was particularly eager to ensure that she had all the information necessary both for my success as a speaker and any offerings on the day.

I am honoured to have been invited to such a warm, professional and savvy group of ladies. The fact that workshops sell out quickly and Alex has had this group now meet regularly for over eight years is a true reflection of her sharing nature and genuine desire to help people succeed.

If you are after a networking group that has your best interests at heart, or if you are a speaker wishing to share valuable information then Alex Mitchell’s Sunshine Coast Women Entrepreneur Group is an absolute must.”

Amanda Hoffman, Speaker


Speaker Chris Wildeboer says, “I had been aware of the Sunshine Coast Women Entrepreneurs group run by Alex Mitchell and I was keen to be part of the group as a member and also as a presenter. I went through the easy process of applying by completing the Presenter’s Kit provided by Alex. The kit gave me a clear and concise understanding of what was expected of me and what I could expect from being a presenter for the group.

Alex was fantastic at supporting and encouraging me whenever I had a question about the process – this allowed me to have a very clear understanding of what I needed to offer to the group.

I presented a workshop on Balance in Business to the group at the beginning of 2015 and
was thrilled to provide real business value to every member on the day. I was given plenty of time to prepare my equipment, space to set up my banners and promotional material and then was able to relax and get to know the members!

I really enjoyed the opportunity to present to SCWE and I look forward to attending more of the events throughout this year and coming years.”

Chris Wildeboer,

If you would like to be a part of this supportive and motivated group, simply join us at the Sunshine Coast Women Entrepreneurs Facebook group.  Invitations to all events are sent through this group. See you there!